Advisors for Architecture and Engineering

SEQUIL Systems comprises a dedicated team of credentialed architects and engineers who elevate sustainability and building performance to the highest level desired by the owner.

Sustainability +
Green building

Sustainability consulting services span a project from initial schematics through construction, commissioning, and occupancy. We advise, advance, and integrate green design strategies into the project for optimal performance and certification levels.




eNERGY modeling + analysis

Building Performance Simulation is the art of creating energy performance models as a means to test the initial design concepts. We use these models to inform the design and advise the project team of opportunities for energy reduction and performance improvement.



Independent, objective, third-party commissioning (Cx) is critical to achieving building performance goals, from design through testing and occupancy. Our Cx team consists of credentialed and seasoned design professionals who are true peers to the A/E team.


SEQUIL Systems brings experience, expertise, and guidance to project teams seeking to design and build great things.


SEQUIL Systems will take an active role in helping corporations maximize project value while achieving corporate sustainability goals.



SEQUIL Systems uses the team's design and baseline to build models which evaluate and inform decisions towards optimal building and system performance.


SEQUIL Systems will take an active role in helping owners maximize project efficiency, efficacy and value to their organization.



SEQUIL Systems brings peer-level system reviews, while utilizing its state-of-the-art Pluribis™ project management software to maximize communication and accountability.


SEQUIL Systems will take an active role in helping owners optimize system design, implementation and ownership.